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Always on Beat.

Claves, photo by Larry Jacobsen, background by Daniel Marcos Perujo.
Claves. ¡ Tumbao !

One thing about black dance that illustrates it as a perfect life-movement ethic is the skipped beat. Yes, you’re always on rhythm, but can also keep your stride when life tries to throw you off.

The Women’s World Cup took place this past June. For the occasion South Africa’s Banyana Banyana gave us a pretty thorough demonstration of how every life mode has a move to help you keep marching on, always on beat.

Walk straight forward, landing on the balls of your feet. [Go about your business as planned.]

Do a two-step, rear up on your heels. [Protect your back, get ready to face foreseen challenges.]

Hop up on your toes. [Stay limber and jump over chasms.]

And finally – skip a step. [Ou panche, men w pa kase. That collision may set you back a bit, but you’re far from being down for the count.]

Dance of the African diaspora will teach you all you need to know about falling up in life. 😀

[BONUS! For more about how soccer, above and beyond snazzy dance steps, is more than a game: students from Laurent Dubois‘ Soccer Politics class put together these hot takes on the Women’s World Cup 2019. Happy reading!]

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